Each year DBSD students and classes are selected to participate in various competitions. In-class evaluations begin in September, and formal auditions are held in November. Faculty will make their recommendations for solos, duos, trios and small groups in December or sooner. Results will be emailed home. Extra rehearsal time, choreographer and entry fees will apply.

Classes are chosen to participate by individual instructors with input from senior faculty members.

Dancers should be enrolled in at least one ballet class and a technique class to be considered for competition performances and teams.

Competition FAQ

Is there an opportunity to practice onstage before competition?

Yes, we hold a preview mid-April every year where the dancers perform in front of an audience. As soon as the venue is confirmed, the Dates & Events page is updated with all the times and details ( this preview is generally held in the Ecole River Heights gym on Grosvenor Ave in River Heights ). It is mandatory that students attend this full dress-rehearsal. Dancers should arrive 30 minutes prior to their call time in full hair, costume and shoes, ready to perform. There is ample parking and seating available for parents to watch free of charge.

When can we expect to receive the competition schedules?

We strive to provide the schedule as soon as possible. Our Dates & Events page is updated with all the times and details as soon as we receive the finalized timetables. Typically sessions run between 9:00 AM and 11:00 PM, 7 days a week. There is a high possibility your child will be asked to dance anytime within this window on a weekday, Saturday, Sunday or Victoria Day Monday.

When should we arrive at the venue?

There is much to do prior to the dancers taking the stage, such as a warm-up, costume check and one last chance for a routine run-through. Students must arrive in full makeup, costume and shoes using the following lead times:
Solos, Duos & Trios:   1.5 hours before the session start-time
Small groups and up:  2 hours before the session start-time

What should we bring with us?

In addition to costumes, shoes and any props - a dancer's toolkit should also contain extra tights; makeup; hairspray; comb/brush; extra bobby-pins; hair net if you are wearing a bun; safety pins; a needle and thread; screwdriver for tightening tap shoes; diamond (cubic zirconia) earrings and always triple-check everything before leaving the house.

Competition INFO