Once we choose the discipline, how is the class time chosen for my child?

We try to offer a weekday and weekend option for all of our creative, mini movers, and junior programs. Some class placements will be decided based not only on a child’s age, but also on their ability and skill level. We always encourage dancers to try a number of classes before a final decision is made, this makes choosing a class easier and guarantees a perfect placement.

Will my child be advancing to the next level every year?

YES, even when your class time stays the same from year to year dancers are always progressing by levels. We try to keep our schedule the same year to year for your convenience. Dancers who want or need more of a challenge on top of their own class may ask about placement in an extra challenge class.

Why should we include ballet in my child’s dance program?

Ballet is the root of all dances and a perfect partner to all classes we offer. For dancers who hope to move up to the competitive level of dance, ballet is a must, especially in jazz, lyrical, and junior/Pre-Intermediate tap. Ballet gives students strength, poise, grace, turnout and technique beyond what any other dance form can offer.

Can parents observe classes?

Yes. For your convenience our first studio has a viewing window, and our second studio has cctv with a television in the lobby for you to watch anytime! We also have one or two open houses during the dance season where you are invited into the studio to watch a class. You may bring guests as well as your cameras and video cameras! We do not allow outdoor shoes, food or drink in the studios.

Are there additional performance opportunities in addition to the year-end recital?

In addition to the year-end recital many students also participate in one or more dance conventions and competitions during the dance season. If you think your child may be interested in this opportunity there is a sign-up sheet at the studio in September, and auditions for most disciplines soon after. This sign-up sheet tells us who is interested in extra competitions so we may observe them in class, it does not always guarantee a child an extra competition piece. Other dance opportunities include the Triple Threat dance convention, Candance, Move, The View Dance Challenge, Maximum Impact Dance Challenge, and out of country and province dance festivals. DBSD students also have performed at senior’s homes, street fairs and other community events.

My child is interested in participating on the competition teams, how do we go about getting involved?

The first step is to speak to the director Ms. Barb and let us know you are interested! Auditions for all teams will take place in early September prior to the start of the dance season.

The next step is to take extra classes to bring the dancer’s technique up to a higher level. Adding a ballet class at this point is a must, and we recommend competitive dancers take two ballet classes per week. We also offer a jazz technique class for both senior and junior dancers. These classes are open to everyone and are a great way to increase technique, strength and flexibility.

My child is interested in becoming a class helper, how do we go about getting involved?

We have both Junior and a Senior T.A.P. teams. The Teacher’s Assistant Program has been a part of DBSD since 1966. This is the main way to become an instructor at DBSD. Junior T.A.P. starts at age 10, if you are interested please contact Ms. Barb. TAP team members should be enrolled in a ballet class and will be required to take dance exams when available. Students should send an email to bbottle@shaw.ca stating what they hope to gain from the program, what they feel their strengths are, and why they want to become an assistant.

Are there additional expenses I should be aware of?

Additional expenses include: $25.00* registration fee, as well as an additional $25.00* registration fee for extra challenge classes. A costume deposit of $50 per costume and per routine, with the remainder of the fees due upon costume pickup. Costumes start at $85.00 and up for our more advanced dancers. The cost for recital tickets vary from year to year through centennialconcerthall.com. All festivals and competitions will have entry fees, as well as studio and choreography fees. ADAPT exams have extra entry and studio fees. If a child is chosen to be a part of our Junior or Senior Performance teams there is a fee of $250.00* to $300.00*, this fee includes your registration for 2 competitions, choreography fees, studio fees and a costume.

*fees are subject to change

How do I report an absence?

If a student is unable to attend class, please email dbsdoffice@gmail.com or call the office at 204-222-9368