At DBSD we want our dancers to realize their potential and follow their dreams. We have a place for the recreational dancer as well as the full time student. Every dancer and their dance education is equally important at DBSD. Work your hardest, have fun and we will take care of the rest!

My daughters have each been dancing with DBSD for the past 8 years. It’s been amazing watching them build their repertoire of skill and knowledge under DBSD’s amazing teachers. What makes DBSD special, though, isn’t just the exceptional dance instruction; it’s the focus on inspiring dancers to respect themselves, each other, and dance. DBSD staff communicate regularly with families so that we are always up to date regarding scheduling, photos, competitions, and everything else a dance parent needs to know. We love DBSD and are proud to be part of the “DBSD Fam!”
— Kelly F.

We offer ( location: 120 Regent Ave East )

  • A warm, friendly atmosphere

  • Supportive, knowledgeable and professional teachers.

  • Excellent teacher-to-student ratio for all classes.

  • ADAPT exams

  • Summer Intensives and Day Camps for students of all ages

  • An Intensive Program for full-time dance enthusiasts

  • In and out of province competitions and workshops.

  • T.A.P & Junior T.A.P. (Teacher Assistant Program).

  • Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop Performance Team opportunities.

The Bottle family share their family story at the 12th annual FEX Manitoba Family Enterprise of the Year Awards Gala on March 19, 2019 at the Inn at the Forks. Award Finalist. Video by